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Federal Agencies

Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI)

FBI's Ten Most Wanted Fugitives FBI's Most Wanted Terrorists FBI Criminal Justice Information (CJIS) National Institute of Justice (NIJ) United States Department of Justice (USDOJ)


National Association for Justice Information Systems (NAJIS) National Consortium for Justice Information and Statistics (SEARCH)


Bureau of Justice Statistics (BJS) National Criminal Justice Reference Service (NCJRS)

XML - Extensible Markup Language

Global Justice Information Sharing Initiative

  • A Federal Advisory Committee (FAC) and advises the U.S. Attorney General on justice information sharing and integration initiatives. Global was created to support the broad-scale exchange of pertinent justice and public safety information. It promotes standards-based electronic information exchange to provide the justice community with timely, accurate, complete, and accessible information in a secure and trusted environment.

Justice Standards Clearinghouse

  • A repository of standards and specifications that help practitioners increase the nation's safety.

Extensible Markup Language (XML)

  • Applying XML and Web Services Standards in Industry.

National Information Exchange Model (NIEM)

  • Information, training links, tools, downloads and news about NIEM projects.