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CICJIS Task Force


Each Executive Board member shall designate one or more key people within their organization, and an alternate, as their representative who, along with the CICJIS Chief Information Officer, will make up the CICJIS Task Force. The agency representatives will be expected to have the ability to gain executive sponsorship for CICJIS initiatives. The Executive Board will expect the representatives to have the authority to make and commit to decisions that affect business and technical issues of the member\'s organization during task force meetings. Ideally, the Task Force should include one business person and one technical person from each member agency, in the alternative, designated Task Force members should have both business and technical expertise. The CICJIS CIO serves as the chairperson and oversight of the Task Force. Each agency shall have one vote in actions of the Task Force. Each can delegate one person to vote in their absence.


The Task Force shall provide advice on policy, strategic direction, and technical aspects of the CICJIS program. The Task Force will assist with the daily tactical and operational aspects of CICJIS and the CICJIS agencies, including prioritizing projects, resolving business policy and technical issues, working with the CICJIS Chief Information Officer in developing and implementing strategic plans, and supporting, maintaining, and enhancing the operation of the collaborative effort to share information.


CICJIS Task Force meetings are held the first Tuesday of every month, 11:00am to noon. Task Force meetings are not open to the public.


Natalie Chrastil, DHS

Chad Cornelius, Judicial

Kerry Marten, DHS

Bob Mayes, DOC

Tuan Nguyen, CDAC

Robyn Peterson, CBI

Molly Saxton, Judicial

Chris Wallner, CICJIS